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Noble materials, elegant shapes, abundance of colours, La Vie Devant Soie fashion accessories reveal thousand beauties from a fabulous country : Cambodia...

But the magic of these models is the result of the alchemy between an involved young designer and expert women in silk matter. In 2002, on a humanitarian mission, Sandy Blain discovers Cambodia. She meet sewers who can’t find neither jobs nor security in a country in crisis. Then she decides to give them a chance. La Vie Devant Soie was born,
on the basis of a fair agreement : these women are now secured with a stable job which allows them to be independent.

In exchange, they offer their ancestral skills in creating silk products. Sandy Blain travells in different Cambodian areas to find the most beautiful materials: skill revival program in Kampot, weavers from Stung Treng Province ... Then, she draws the pattern, by using different colours and combining silk with other fabrics (mull, velvet, cotton...), in order to give them softness and modernity. Sewers give all their knowledge to prepare wonderful pieces made with a great delicacy.

This sharing of special skills gives life to la Vie Devant Soie fashion accessories. Without any doubt these models are alive : they have the energy of the revival of the country and so the «joie de vivre» of Cambodian artisans is passed to the rest of the world.

In 2007, the French Ministry of SME awarded La Vie Devant Soie for the first fair trade prize.




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