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‘Each design is a unique addition to the exceptional collection. All creations are designed with individuality in mind and are made in small numbers. Materials like leather, cotton, silk and wood form the basis, from which the accessory expresses itself in a distinct and clear form.’ 
In 2008 I graduated at the School of fine Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands, where I specialized in designing fashion accessories. I am currently working as a self-employed designer of my own line of accessories and I have recently cooperated with several fashion designers. My showroom-shop-studio is located in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
I am not the kind of designer that is constantly on the lookout for inspiration. Instead, I often just start by molding, knitting, folding and cutting till I find the right shape that looks and feels familiar. It often feels like something that was already in my mind is coming to life.
I am inspired by folkloric costumes combined with the streetwear I come across nowadays. I think these accessories tend to be very commercial and flat. To me, the shape and details are much more important than the usual brand names or logos in front. I rather make a beautiful stitched or molded detail to emphasize the form.




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