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The idea of these beautiful unique CARPET Bags has been inspired by the romantic Victorian Era and in some way influenced by such famous English literary characters as Mary Poppins and Miss Marple. Although in America the words "carpet bag" have many more meanings apart from a fashion accessory – for example a history term for migrants of the Reconstruction era (1865-1877). We have closely examined all possible styles, shapes and patterns of CARPET Bags from fashionable and historical points of view and have discovered the best solution for the modern romantic and elegant lady with a passion for haute couture and vintage paraphernalia.

The bags are absolutely unique. Out there you can find "carpet" bags made of tapestry, kilim, fabric, velvet or velour... Some of them even have Oriental patterns, but none of them made of thick deep-piled woven rug. CARPET Bags – trendy Renaissance of the 150-year-old Victorian fashion treasure, straight from its homeland – London, England.

Bags made from the finest quality rugs produced in Western Europe, that woven from unique synthetic yarn, patented by a rugs manufacturer. It is plushy, soft, light and silky, but deep-piled, quite thick and firm at the same time, that makes bags look and feel full bodied.





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